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Starting at 48,000.00

LAK sailplanes from "Sportine Aviacija ir Ko" offer unbeatable performance/price ratio. The main characteristics of LAK sailplanes are quality based on more than forty years of experience and top performance at considerably lower prices than their counterparts. Their latest offering is no exception.


One of the main advantages of LAK sailplanes is that they can be fitted either with a proven SOLO sustainer or self-launcher engine (M/T) or with a revolutionary Front Electric System (FES). Each of the LAK sailplanes can be equipped with a different engine. Please contact us for more info.

Text Box: The latest model is LAK 17B with AUW of 600kg and much improved wing, based on the latest research. Many options including 15m and 18m configurations, sustainer and FES.  Incredible value for money, starting at  48,000.00.

LAK 17 Family

Starting at 92,300.00

Text Box: LAK-20 is an open class two-seater glider designed to meet the latest standards of the gliding industry. True open class performance at an affordable price. Choice of self-launching or sustainer engine. Starting from  92,300.00.

LAK 20 Family

Starting at 7000.00

Fibreglass trailers for LAK Sailplanes. German parts. Trailer available for 7000.00 (LAK17 family) and 9000.00 (LAK 20 family)

Trailers for LAK Sailplanes