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State of the art materials are used for production of Clouddancers covers, yet the cost is much lower than competitors.

For most glider types masters are readily available - in case we do not have your type yet, or you need some special solution please feel free to contact us. Our aim are satisfied customers!

Product Summary

· Dual layer all  weather cover with improved inner layer


· 100% synthetic fabric instead of cotton more resistant to mould


· extremely tear-resistant inner layer


· improved air circulation


Prices from 700.00

For three years we have been offering our Clouddancers all weather covers, cotton hangar covers, and canopy covers for sailplanes, motorgliders, and ultralights. As our goal is a long-lasting protection for your aircraft we have carefully selected the materials to make sure the covers are waterproof, yet breathable and provide good protection against UV radiation.

Extra features we offer are solar cell windows, competition call signs printed on the fin, as well as a shock protection of the upper side of the wings and the elevator.

In addition to our standard all weather covers we are currently developing specialised covers for extreme climate, such as deserts.


To contact us:

Phone: 082 494 7449

Fax: 086 500 9138